Annual statements

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BT Super and BT Super for Life

Annual statements will be available online from August 2022. For more information see our Statement dates and FAQs page.

At BT, we want to make understanding your super simple!

After the end of each financial year, we'll prepare and provide an annual statement for your super account. Keeping track of things like your balance and how your money is invested can make a big difference in your retirement – and understanding your statement is one way for you to stay on top of your super.

How to read your annual super statement

Your annual super statement provides a lot of information so here’s a video to explain the key features to look out for and what they mean for you.

This video is for BT Super and BT Super for Life members.

The video includes information about your:

  • personal details – ensure these are up to date, so we can keep you informed about your super
  • super balance – see how your retirement savings are tracking as at 30 June
  • contributions – match this to your payslips
  • personalised rate of return – see what your investments earned over the reporting period
  • asset allocation – know the proportion of your super that’s been allocated in each type of investment
  • fees and costs – see what you paid for the management of your super
  • insurance – know what insurance is provided through your super account
  • beneficiaries – review or update who you have nominated on your account.

Read more information about key terms used in your annual statement .

How to view your annual statement

If you’d like to review your balance or transactions before your annual statement is ready, please log into your account.

Note, you don’t need to have your annual statement to complete your tax return.

We explain the range of strategies you can use to help grow your super. Try just one or embrace them all to boost your super savings over time.
Not sure if your super will last the distance in your retirement? Our Super and Retirement Calculator may provide a guide on what income you might have in retirement and how long it might last.
Did you know that you could consider investing the proceeds of the sale of your family home to your super – depending on your age and circumstances – as a downsizer contribution?

Things you should know

This information is current as at 27 July 2022. This information has been prepared as general advice only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs and so you should consider its appropriateness, having regard to these factors before acting on it.

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